Terms of Use.

The Agreement between the Client and Darb Travel:

Dear clients, we welcome you to the terms and conditions page, and we ask you to read it carefully, as it governs the relationship between you and Darb Travel. We apply our conditions stated below when you book your accommodation, buy a flight ticket, or use any other service of your choice on Darb Travel, be it one or more.

Darb Travel’s Terms and Conditions:

When you log in to or use our platform, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, without any amendment, replacement, or restriction. By your acceptance, you are guaranteed your legal right to enter into this agreement and use the platform in accordance with set out terms and conditions.

The following are the terms and conditions of using our platform:

  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • You must have the full legal and legitimate authority to enter into this agreement and use the platform in accordance with the set out terms and conditions.
  • You must agree that you bear full legal and financial responsibility when you use the platform (except when your account is used by others, including minors living with you).
  • You must agree to supervising and bearing full responsibility of all users of the platform, including minors who use your name or account, as well as informing others whom you booked on behalf about the terms and conditions of booking, including all the rules and restrictions applied.
  • You must ensure the accuracy, validity, and completion of all information provided by you or your family members when using the platform and warrant that you will not use the website for any business purpose.
  • If you have an account on our platform, it is our obligation to protect its information, but kindly note that you are responsible for supervising this information, with respect to the use of your account by you or others.

By using Darb Travel’s platform, you accept the following:

  • You will not take any action that could cause any damage to the platform or its infrastructure.
  • You will not upload any files that contain viruses or any other destructive files and will not use any programs to block or destroy the platform.
  • You will not post, distribute, or upload any data that are considered libelous, offensive, invasive, harmful, threatening, abusive, obscene, racist, or inappropriate or any illegal content and information and will not send any series of unwanted e-mails and spam messages.
  • You will not threaten, disturb, abuse, disrupt, or violate others’ rights, including their individual ones.
  • You will not obtain or try to obtain an unauthorized access to the platform or any user account and will not impersonate or falsify the identity of any other user.
  • You will not do, cause, or allow anything to violate the platform’s intellectual property rights or those of our partners or any other parties.
  • You will not take any illegal action which could hold you responsible before the law.
  • You will not in any way violate this agreement or any applicable legislation.

If we notice that you violated any of these terms and conditions and your use of the platform proved the opposite, then we reserve the right to

  • Warn you against violating these terms and conditions and ask you to end this behavior
  • Delete any data or content that could’ve been published by you without warning you
  • Take measures that include terminating, suspending, or restricting your access to and use of the platform
  • Cancel any bookings you could’ve made without informing you
  • Report any of your activities to Internet Service Providers or the concerned authorities
  • Take legal actions against you

Site Availability:

Darb Travel uses all methods to guarantee the availability of the platform and its services, but we cannot guarantee that the platform will operate continuously or without interruption.

Supplier’s Conditions:

When you buy any service from Darb Travel, additional terms and conditions are added to the list of previous terms and conditions when your booking is confirmed, and you’re entered into an agreement with the service you chose. For example, for all the services and cancellation policies that you agree to when booking, it is your obligation to adhere to these terms and conditions dedicated by the chosen supplier.

You should know that in some cases where bookings may be rejected by the supplier within hours after payment, it is possible to replace the service with another similar one, provided that the difference in price, if any, is paid, or the amount is refunded if the service is refused.

Booking Terms and Conditions:

You must ensure the correctness of the passengers’ names in the reservation, as well as ensuring that each name is written in its designated field.

In case the name is written incorrectly or is different from that in the passport, then the passenger is obligated to pay additional fees to edit or change the name (if the service provide allows editing or changing the name, and if that is not possible, the passenger will have to make a new reservation with the correct name); when the payment process is completed, the reservation voucher will be issued with Darb Travel’s reference number, confirming your reservation.

The fares quoted may not include the individual charges such as departure taxes, passenger service charges, and taxes imposed by the airport or the aviation authorities in the countries you will be travelling to. You are required to pay the taxes directly to the charging authorities at the time of reservation.

We recommend that you visit a doctor as a precaution before travelling to or transiting at any destination. Kindly be aware that some countries may impose international travel insurance on you, so it is necessary to have all travel documents with you.

A technical issue may sometimes occur, leading to the failure in delivering the voucher while deducting the amount; in such case, the user must call the call center before making any other booking to check the status of the previous reservation. If the user does not do so, then we will not be responsible for any booking duplication and the user will bear full financial responsibility. If the reservation is cancelled, the cancellation policy is applied.

Darb Travel reserves the right to reject any booking you try to make. We may impose some fees on the bookings you make through the call center (kindly note that Darb Travel uses 24h time format).

Darb Travel reserves the right to cancel any booking in cases of incorrect price, which may result from the regular update of prices. We also reserve the right to cancel all duplicated unpaid bookings, except those of which the client was notified previously.

For every booking that is cancelled by the client (if there is cancellation option), Darb Travel will impose cancellation fees, in addition to fees quoted by the supplier.

Darb Travel recommends that all clients and their accompanying passengers should ensure that they have valid passports and have obtained the required visa for the country they intend to visit, as well as the vaccinations and insurance documents. It should also be noted that some countries require filling a transit visa form or paying fees to reach the destination country. We are not responsible for obtaining the destination country’s visa as this is solely the client’s responsibility before booking and travelling. Usually, obtaining a visa takes some time, so the client has to apply for the visa before the travelling date with a sufficient period of time.

Darb Travel recommends that all clients should confirm with the destination country’s embassy or consulate that they have valid passports and visas. We will not bear the responsibility if you or any of the accompanying passengers do not have a valid visa or passport or do not get the required vaccinations as well as other travelling requirements.

Booking Details:

If the booking details are not correct , we have the right to check the information and cancel the booking. We also reserve our right to take legal actions to protect our rights, and in this case, the client will be held responsible for compensating for the financial losses that include legal fees and direct and indirect damage caused by booking cancellation or freezing the account.

Special Prices and Promotions

The prices and promotions may change depending on the supplier’s vision. If the prices differed from the advertised ones, we notify the client of the increase in prices, and in this case the client can either accept the new price or cancel the booking and refund the amount without any additional fees.

Any new offers that are published after confirmation of the booking do not apply to bookings that have already been made. We reserve our right to change the prices and increase rates after paying for the required services due to changes in exchange rates and taxations or any other reason.

We will not be held responsible for any increase in prices due to changes in exchange rates and taxes or a direct request from the supplier. Therefore, the offered prices may be appropriate during the period in which you searched for services and made your reservation, and these prices may change before travelling date or after accommodation depending on the supplier’s view. Some services may have the same price but with a different policy. All prices depend on the availability of services and they can be withdrawn or changed without informing the client.

Group Bookings:

If you want to reserve 9 or more rooms or 10 or more airline tickets, please contact our call center on 920028050 to make your booking.

Currency Exchange:

If the currency exchanger was available on the platform, the following terms and conditions apply on exchange rates in the various publicly available resources. The currency exchanger is only a guiding tool and is not reliable to give actual, instantaneous rates, as the actual rates may differ.

Hotel Details and Categories:

What is displayed on our platform is considered as a description of the accommodation locations, facilities, and services provided by the hotel and the supplier.

The hotel category information (e.g., stars and services provided by the hotel) is provided by the suppliers and hotels, and some hotels are rated according to customers’ reviews.

Kindly note that the suppliers describe accommodation locations, facilities, and services using differing terminologies. For example, some suppliers may describe a room with two separate beds as a “double” room, while other suppliers may describe the same room as “deluxe”. For booking a triple room, the extra bed provided by the hotel is usually foldable.

If you are not sure of the description displayed on the platform, please contact our travel consultants who will answer all your questions as best as they can.

Sometimes, some of the facilities mentioned in the description will be withdrawn due to different reasons such as the weather, maintenance, or reduced demand. If the suppliers advise to make major edits on the description or withdraw any of the facilities, we notify the client as soon as possible.

Some activities and facilities may become unavailable during some periods of the year, and some facilities may require paying additional fees, such as TV, safes, chairs and umbrellas, tennis courts, billiard tables, and air conditioners.

In some destinations in high seasons (sometimes even in other seasons), you may meet some noisy groups; please take that into consideration when choosing your destination and accommodation location.

The duration from the airport to the accommodation location mentioned on our platform is approximate; reaching your accommodation location can take longer time depending on circumstances.

General Policies for Hotels:

  • Children and babies’ policy: The policy for children and babies follows the supplier’s policy. Some hotels have their own policy, where determining if any extra fees should be paid for accommodation of children and babies depends on whether they share the same room with their parents and use the available beds, while other hotels provide extra beds for children and babies by request; these extra beds should be requested prior to accommodation and are provided for additional fees to be paid to the hotel directly. Policies for accommodation of children differ from a supplier to another and from a country to another.
  • Check-in and check-out policy: The policy for check-in and check-out follows the supplier’s own policy. Kindly note that any requests outside the policy depend on the hotel (e.g., early check-in, late check-out, booking in high floors, adjacent rooms, and non-smoking rooms). The company has no right to ensure the fulfillment of these requests.
  • Early check-out policy: In some hotels, the policy for early check-out does not accept refunding the remainder of the amount for unused nights due to high seasons or increased occupancy rate in the hotel, and this policy applies to cases of no-show as well, for which the hotel may impose some fees and after that it cancels the reservation and refunds the remaining amount or it deducts the full amount.
  • Changing residents’ names policy: Some hotels do not accept changing the names of residents, while some others accept doing so 48 hours prior to check-in time (depends totally on each hotel’s policy), and Darb Travel is not authorized to violate the hotels’ policies.
  • Booking amendment policy: A supplier may request the payment of additional fees for amending the booking, and these fees will differ according to the service requested. When requesting to change the room (from single to double, or to change the check-in time and date, or to add any comments on the reservation), the client should contact the call center. We also recommend the clients to make a new booking when they want to extend their stay, as the previous booking will have been issued an invoice already.
  • Booking cancellation policy: The cancellation policy is subject to the supplier’s rules and restrictions, and cancellation has separate fees imposed by the supplier. The client has to contact our call center to request cancelling or amending the reservation.
  • Room upgrade policy: The clients can upgrade the rooms they booked with Darb Travel and pay the difference in price before the amendment deadline set out in supplier’s terms and conditions, depending on availability. We do not guarantee that the upgrade will take place upon the client’s arrival, and in such case, if the upgrade is confirmed, the payment should be made directly to the hotel.
  • In cases of non-refundable bookings, the client does not have the right to request refunding them unless in dire circumstances. The supplier’s approval of the refund will be required in such cases.
  • We would like to notify that in case a client requests cancellation of reservation, they should contact the call center on 920028050.
  • Some hotels may impose tourist tax on you to be paid directly to the hotel or a government tax due to a change in the country’s policies.
  • Changing hotels policy: The supplier may have to cancel your reservations due to closing the hotel. The hotel may close for some reasons, such as overbooking, technical issues in the system, being under governmental control for use, fire, or any other imperative circumstances. In such cases, Darb Travel will provide you accommodation in another hotel of the same class and in the same location, depending on availability; otherwise, the invoice will be issued by the hotel or with regard to accommodation in the alternative hotel.

Airline Policy:

All bookings, amendments, and cancellations are subject to terms and conditions and customer service policy as well as the carrier and supplier’s general conditions.

Cancellation and amending fees depend completely on the carrier, as well as the fees imposed by Darb Travel. Some airlines may impose class fees (e.g., first class, business, and economy). For example, the economy class itself includes various subclasses and they differ in prices, restrictions, and amendment and cancellation fees. The same applies to business class and first class.

Airlines carry passengers, carriage, and cargo internationally according to the internationals rules and regulations as well as the restrictions related to the responsibility which were put in place by the regulating bodies. These are subject to 1929’s Warsaw Convention or 1999’s Montreal Convention and other applicable legislations that may limit or state the carrier’s responsibility under certain circumstances, being subject to the carrier’s conditions.

Passengers on international flights from any country must be present at the airport three hours before the departure of the flight; otherwise, the company is not responsible for any fees resulting therefrom.

Passengers on domestic flights from any country must be present at the airport 1.5 hours before the departure of the flight unless otherwise specified on the carrier’s website.

In case of no-show at the airport in the specified time, the client must contact Darb Travel’s call center to confirm the status of the booking and the consequences of not showing up on time, according to the airlines’ rules and regulations.

Kindly note that, in case of baggage loss, the client should communicate with airport management and coordinate with the airline, since Darb Travel is not responsible for baggage loss.

If you select your seat through Darb Travel, we will not be responsible for any amendments made by the carrier.

Kindly note that the provision of accommodation by airlines for transit flights that last more than 6 hours differs from one airline to another, depending on the carrier’s terms and conditions.

Changing Airlines:

Modifying flight timetables depends entirely on the terms and conditions outlined by the airline where cancellation of the trip or modifying the trip’s date is concerned. You will be notified of any modification (by one of the methods of communications outlined in your booking) and you will also be provided with alternative solutions. In this case, the client has the right to choose between the alternative solutions or refund the money pending the carrier’s acceptance.

If the client does not see Darb Travel’s notification of the modification, we will not be held responsible and the client will not have the right to claim any compensation.

Flight Policy:

We would like to notify you that there are various flight classes you can choose from on our platform (business, first class, and economy) and prices and services vary from one class to another and from one carrier to another.

In case there is a conflict between the carrier’s conditions and Darb Travel’s conditions, the carrier’s conditions apply.

Cancellation and amendment policy is subject to the rules and regulations of the carrier including partial and full refund.

For every cancellation by the client (if the cancellation option is available), Darb Travel will impose cancellation fees in addition to the fees imposed by the supplier.

You cannot change or amend a name after the booking is confirmed; if you would like to change or amend a name after the booking is confirmed, you will have to make a new booking and pay for the difference in price, if any.

If the client uses one part of a two-way ticket and asked to refund the unused ticket, the refund will be subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier.

If the tickets were misused, the client does not have the right to claim a refund.

Seat Upgrade:

The clients can upgrade their seats through Darb Travel and pay the difference in price before the time of departure according to the carrier’s rules and depending on availability, as Darb Travel cannot upgrade seats after issuing the flight ticket, and in this case, if the seat upgrade is made at the airport, the payment is made directly to the carrier at the airport.

Last-Minute Bookings:

International flight bookings booked 4 hours before flight departure time are considered to belong to the category of last-minute bookings.

Domestic flight bookings booked 3 hours before flight departure time are considered to belong to the category of last-minute bookings.

For last-minute bookings, the client is held responsible for boarding ticket and completing the check-in process with the carrier at the airport.

For last-minute bookings, issuing the boarding ticket depends completely on the carrier’s discretion.

If the carrier rejects the boarding ticket or if the client misses the flight, Darb Travel holds no responsibility to reissue the ticket, change the booking, or refund the amount paid, and the client must adhere to the carrier’s penalties, according to the policy of the ticket purchased.

Offers (coupons and credit card discounts) and promotions:

The terms and conditions for Darb Travel’s offers are subject to booking’s terms and conditions excluding the refund policy, as the amount of the ticket purchased cannot be refunded regardless of the booking’s terms and conditions. Each offer is subject to the provisions outlined in each advertisement.

In case the offer terms are unknown, please contact us before booking. The offer value cannot be compensated in case the payment is completed.

Darb Travel has the right to stop or suspend offers without notifying the clients.

Every coupon can be used once regardless of the amount used, and the client cannot claim the due amount in the coupon after it was used.

An amount is deducted (coupon or credit card) in case the client requested partial or complete cancellation of the booking. and this applies to all services.

Any coupons or vouchers provided by Darb Travel cannot be exchanged for money and cannot be modified or cancelled.

All tickets, printed or sent via e-mail, are subject to the conditions outlined on them.

Special Conditions for the Suppliers’ Policy:

Some suppliers might impose special rules to be outlined in the booking policy. We recommend that the client reads these rules before booking.

Payment Methods:

Payment is accepted by using most of credit and debit cards (VISA or MasterCard). The client can benefit from the installment service (depends on its availability by the bank issuing the card). The client can also pay using their SADAD account. We also give our customers the option to pay by bank transfer to any of the company’s accounts. Just call us on 920028050 to make the bank transfer; you will have to call us again on the same number after the transfer is done to confirm your booking. In case the client does not call us again after the bank transfer is done, Darb Travel will not be held responsible for any unconfirmed or cancelled bookings.

The clients may include other passengers in their bookings on our platform, bearing in mind that our platform is meant for individual use only and not for business.

Payment can be made using credit cards issued from different countries. The use of credit cards issued from specific countries may become forbidden on our platform and the payment for bookings made using these cards will not be accepted.

Payment can be made using unlocked debit cards issued from the banks for use on online trading platforms. In case your debit card is not accepted on our platform, please contact the bank that issued the card to activate it. The bank may replace your card with a new one that can be used on online trading platforms.

The amount will be deducted from the credit card or the debit card once the booking procedure is completed.

The ticket will be sent to the e-mail you registered in the booking procedure.

Note. Darb Travel will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or unauthorized use of the credentials of the credit card or the debit card. We are not responsible for your decision to use your credit card or debit card on the website, since we have already informed you of the possible damage that could result from the use of these cards.

When you decide to pay for your booking online, we will do our best to maintain the security of your personal information and the information on your credit card. We assure you that all your personal information is encrypted while booking online.

If your booking shows signs of fraud, abuse, or suspicious activity, we may cancel the travel booking associated with your name, e-mail, or account and close any accounts associated with Darb Travel. In addition, the website may verify your credit card. If you have conducted any fraudulent activity, the website reserves the right to take any legal and/or civil action and you may be liable for monetary losses to the website, including litigation and damage costs.

Refund Policy:

When the client asks to refund the money, the company refunds the money after reviewing the supplier’s or carrier’s terms. Note that the method of refund will be the same as the method of payment.

If the payment is made by credit card, the refund will be made in 2 business days. The money is received from the bank in 10-30 days, and there might be some delay from the bank.

If the payment is made by bank transfer, the refund will be made in 2 business days. The money is received from the bank in 10 days, and there might be some delay from the bank.

Problems and Complaints:

We always seek customer satisfaction. In case there is any problem or conflict, we will do our best to solve the issue in a friendly manner that satisfies the client and reserves the rights of all parties.

The client must submit his complaint instantly to our call center, and we will contact them to solve the issue.

The complaint must be submitted by the person who was wronged personally or by their agent, providing that it should be attached with the booking reference number and supported by evidences and proofs and all other data concerning the complaint; otherwise, the complaint will be disregarded.

In case the complaint was not supported by evidence and proof, Darb Travel has the right to refuse it and even claim compensation from the client for ruining the company’s reputation.

Your use of the website and its terms and conditions is subject to the laws of Saudi Arabia, and it implies your acceptance to be subject to Saudi Arabia’s judiciary authority; however, Darb Travel reserves the right to hold the trial in your country of residence.

Privacy Policy:

Darb Travel’s privacy policy and terms and conditions are inserted in these items.

Darb Travel has the right to record phone calls randomly from time to time to follows and monitor the performance of customer service and work on improving it.

Darb Travel may use your contact details to inform you of the special offers and promotions tailored to you.

Your Responsibility:

We wish exciting trips to all our clients, but kindly note that, first and foremost, you will be responsible for your actions and their consequences.

If we think that your behavior could affect our employees, agents, or suppliers, your booking might be cancelled and this means that Darb Travel or the suppliers may ask you to leave your accommodation on your own expense.

Our Responsibility:

Darb Travel is an intermediary between the client and the supplier. Any changes in the data and information policies are mainly subject to the suppliers’ terms and conditions. The client does not have the right to claim compensation from Darb Travel as it is just an intermediary.

In case that Darb Travel’s contract ends or the company ceases its activities, all the bookings will be refunded and they will have to make new bookings on their own.

Darb Travel spares no effort to provide the most accurate information to its customers. However, some mistakes may occur from time to time, including but not limited to the following: description of the product, service, programs, or information; name of the product, service, programs, or information; availability of the product, service, programs, or information; price of a product or a service; photos for a product or a service; etc. If you have any concerns regarding any type of information on our platform, please call our travel consultants who are available to help you 24/7 on 920028050, and they will clearly answer all your questions. We and our partners will not be held responsible for any financial or moral damage you suffer as a result of any mistake in the information provided on our platform.

Modifying the Terms and Conditions:

Darb Travel can modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The new terms and conditions will become effective once they are published on the website, but they will not be applied retroactively to the bookings that have already been completed. Your continued use of the site after the modifications made to the terms and conditions means that you agree to these modifications.