The E-Ticket:

What Is the E-Ticket?

The e-ticket is an electronic document with a unique confirmation number that replaces the paper ticket. When you purchase a ticket, we e-mail it to you within 48 hours of your booking. Print it out and bring it with you along with your passport and valid visa when checking for your flight.

How Do I Get My E-Ticket Details?

We will send your e-ticket details to the email address you registered while booking your ticket.

How Can I Use My Account?

We created “My Account” tab to help you view and manage your online bookings. You can find this tab at the top of Darb Travel’s homepage. You will be asked to log in using your registered e-mail and password. In this tab, you will be able to view all the previous and upcoming bookings linked to your account.

How Can I Change My Password?

Please click on “Forgot Password” in the website’s login page and follow the steps. A link to set a new password will be sent to the e-mail you used in registering on the website at the first time.

Can I Book on Darb Travel Without the Need to Register or Login?

Yes, you can make bookings without login or registration in the website, but we encourage you to register to receive special offers and prices and to add points to your account.

Making Bookings

Can I Book Over the Telephone?

Yes, you can choose between booking on our website or over the telephone.

Can I Book Without an E-Mail Address?

If you do not have an e-mail, please contact our call center and our agents will gladly make the booking on your behalf.

Can I Book Without a Credit Card?

Yes, you can book without having a credit card; just call us on 920008050 and you can pay for your booking by bank transfer to one of our bank accounts.

How Do I Know If My Booking Is Confirmed?

Once you have completed the booking procedure, a confirmation page will appear. Also a confirmation e-mail with all your booking information will be sent to you. If the confirmation page does not appear or the confirmation e-mail is not sent within an hour of your booking (rarely happens), please call us on 920008050 to confirm your booking and send you the booking information.

Can I Book a Meeting Room or a Conference Hall?

Unfortunately, you cannot book a meeting room or a conference hall on Darb Travel, since we only provide hotel rooms reservation, but we can still help you; contact our call center on 920008050 or send us your request by clicking on “Contact Us” button at the top of the homepage and write your message.

Modifying/Cancelling a Previous Booking

How Can I Modify/Cancel a Previous Booking?

You can modify/cancel your previous booking at any time, bearing in mind that the change of date or cancellation depends entirely on the terms and conditions of the airlines, hotels, and suppliers you have chosen, the price, and availability of modifying the booking. You can do so by calling us 24/7 on 920028050.

Sometimes, additional service fees may be imposed for changing the date/cancellation with respect to the terms and conditions of the airlines, hotels, and suppliers.

How Can I Edit the Names in the Booking?

Some airlines and hotels allow making small changes in the spelling of the names in the booking, but they do not allow making drastic changes to these names after the booking is confirmed. If you noticed any spelling mistake in the names and you want to fix it (maximum of one or two letters), you can contact our call center on 920008050 and request that the change be made. Our agents will ask you about the names you want to fix but we cannot guarantee that all suppliers will accept editing the names after conforming the booking with the mistaken name, as this is completely up to them. Some fees may be imposed for editing the names, so we recommend that you enter the correct names that match those in the passports to avoid any problems.

Do I Need to Add My Middle Name?

It is not necessary to add your middle name when booking online; most of the airlines and hotels mainly request your first and last name, which are written on the e-ticket or the booking invoice, while keeping note of your middle name in their system. For example, if the name was entered as follows: first name: Muhammad, middle name: Mahmoud, and last name: Ali will be written on the e-ticket or the booking invoice as Muhammad/Ali; meanwhile if the name was entered as follows: first name: Muhammad Mahmoud, and last name: Ali, it will be written on the e-ticket or the booking invoice as Muhammad Mahmoud/Ali.

Can I Transfer My Ticket and Issue It by Another Traveler’s Name?

Airlines and hotels do not allow transferring your ticket or booking to another traveler; in this case, you have to cancel your original booking and make a new one.

What Is the Deadline for Cancellation?

We do not have fixed deadlines for cancelling bookings; every booking has its own cancellation policy that is mentioned in the booking procedure. Kindly review the cancellation policy before agreeing to our terms and conditions.

What Happens If I Cancel My Booking I Paid for Online after Issuing the Ticket?

The cancellation terms of the supplier and Drab Travel will apply, and the due amount will be deposited into the client’s account after deducting the cancellation fees, if the booking is refundable, since some bookings cannot be refunded.

Can I Cancel/Modify the Hotel Reservation Online?

You cannot cancel or modify your booking online; please contact our call center on 920008050 to cancel or modify your booking, and you will be notified of the cancellation fees. If there is a refundable amount, it will be deposited into the credit card/debit card you used to make your booking. Kindly note that this process can take up to 30 business days.

What Happens If I Arrive Late at the Hotel?

If you are certain that you will arrive late at the hotel (after 4 p.m.), we recommend that you contact our call center on 920008050 to inform the hotel of your late arrival; otherwise, the hotel will cancel your reservation.

What Happens If I Arrive Early at the Hotel?

If you are certain that you will arrive early at the hotel (before 12 p.m.), we recommend that you contact our call center on 920008050 to inform the hotel of your early arrival. The early check-in depends entirely on the hotel’s policy with respect to the available rooms, and some hotels impose extra fees for such service.

How to Pay?

Many payment methods are accepted like credit cards (VISA or MasterCard) or Mada card. The client can also pay using their SADAD account. The client can benefit from the installment service (depends on its availability by the bank issuing the card and match with our payment methods). We also give our customers the option to pay by bank transfer to one of our bank accounts.

Is It Safe to Enter the Credit Card/Debit Card Information?

Darb Travel uses safe SSL technology in booking and payment procedures. The payment process is done on the bank’s website that is highly secured. We do not keep record of your credit card information in our databases and we never request from you any information about your account via e-mail or over the phone. We encrypt all your personal information. The payment details are encrypted before being transferred using the most advanced and safe encryption technology. We do not store credit cards numbers on our systems and we do not request cards details via e-mail or over the phone.

After Payment

How Can I Get My Ticket After Payment Is Completed?

The e-tickets will be automatically issued; and you can view and print the passenger receipt, the invoice, and the e-ticket from “My Account” section at the top of Darb Travel’s homepage. The e-ticket will also be sent to your email.

If I Did Not Receive the Ticket after Paying Online, What Shall I Do?

If you did not receive your e-ticket within 24 hour or your flight is soon, please contact our call center.

How Do I Know If My Hotel Booking Is Confirmed?

Once you complete your booking payment, we will immediately send a booking-confirmation voucher to your e-mail including the booking reference number. You can also view all the bookings you have made with us online at “My Account” section at the top of our homepage. After login, you can review your itinerary and print additional copies of your booking-confirmation voucher to ease your check-in process.

Hotel Prices

Do Children Receive Discounted Prices?

The policy regarding reducing children’s accommodation cost varies from a hotel to another. We assure you that if the hotel you are booking applies any discount for children, you will benefit from it.

What Does the Total Price Include?

The price displayed is the total cost of the room(s) requested during your stay. The price also includes Darb Travel’s service fees.

Why Is the Hotel’s Rate Different to When I Last Visited the Website?

In fact, Darb Travel deals with different hotel suppliers to offer you the best prices and ongoing rooms availability. Therefore, prices can change regularly based on supply and demand, the number of available rooms in the hotel, and currency fluctuations. However, the rate of the hotel you already booked will not change after we receive the payment; consequently, we encourage you to immediately make your booking when you find the suitable price.

Can I Request an Extra Bed in the Room? If Yes, Will There Be Extra Fees?

Booking on our website does not include the cost of other requests like extra bed in the room. Some hotels may impose extra fees for adding an extra bed in the room. We recommend that you call us on 920008050 or send us your request through “Contact Us” section at the top of the homepage.

Is the Photo of the Room Displayed on the Website the Same as the One I Will Get?

Kindly be aware that room size, design, furniture, and facilities may vary from those in the photographs.

Travel Documents

Do I Have to Carry a Copy of the E-Ticket Receipt to Enter the Airport and Complete Travel Proceedings on the Day of Departure?

We recommend all travelers to carry a copy of the e-ticket and show it with the ID. This shall make travel proceedings easier and quicker.

When Should I Arrive at the Airport?

The time to arrive at the airport varies between airlines, departure airport, and destination, but here are some tips for completing travel proceedings:

  • International flights: travel proceedings should be completed at least 3 hours before departure time
  • Domestic flights: travel proceedings should be completed 2 hours before departure time
  • Make sure you arrive at the airport in good time before boarding to avoid overcrowding at passport-checking area and security screening. Remember that the screening process takes a long time and this can cause delay in reaching the boarding gate; some airports are very large that it takes 30 minutes to reach the boarding gate.

What Documents Should I Bring to the Hotel?

After completing the payment and confirming the booking, we send you an e-mail with the booking-confirmation invoice to be printed before departing the airport and shown to the reception at the hotel to ease the check-in process.

How Can I Reach the Hotel?

After confirming your booking, we will send you the booking-confirmation invoice with all hotel’s details: the address, phone number, and booking reference number. Kindly note that it is your responsibility to arrange traveling to and from the hotel.