About us

Travelling is the road to joy and happiness, and that is the reason why we chose the word “Darb,” which means “road,” to tell our customers that we will always stay with them in all their travels. We also promise to do our best to always serve our customers and offer them all the facilities in their travels, so whatever the purpose of their travels, entertainment, work, or—God forbids—treatment, Darb Travel will be their best option.

Darb Travel…More choices for better travel experience.

We seek to improve the concept of comfortable travelling by offering all luxurious travelling and tourism services online easily to all travelers around the world, and especially those in the Middle East, and that was the main motive for establishing Darb Travel website in 2018. We are very proud of our website that offers full, high-quality travelling and tourism services using the latest technology.

We are sure that, after a few years, the whole world will remember the year 2018 as the year in which Darb Travel was created to help all travelling and tourism enthusiasts and guide them in the road towards happiness, making their travelling dreams come true and giving them the chance to enjoy every moment in their travels.

Darb Travel is the first and biggest online booking platform that offers all travelling and tourism services, including

  • Housing:
    • Hotels, resorts, and hotel apartments
  • Transportation:
    • Flights, limousine, renting cars, and trains and buses tickets
  • Tourist programs:
    • Sea trips, summer camps, individual and group programs, medical and educational tourism, as well as Hajj and Umrah programs
  • Events and activities:
    • Small trips, concerts, museum visits, match tickets, airports’ VIP halls

We also offer some additional services on our platform, including

  • Visa support services
  • Travel insurance
  • Tourism guiding services
  • Reception at airports
  • Registration services in conferences and exhibitions
  • Businessmen services

Our Vision

At Darb Travel, we care to offer our customers the best luxurious, effortless, and burdenless travel experience. Our aim is to become the first choice for all Middle Eastern travelers, in particular those in Egypt and Gulf, as a first step and then target the global market to become, through our customers’ confidence, the best and most successful online booking platform in the world as soon as possible.

Our Values

Offer all travelling and tourism services, including accommodation, flights, transportation, and packages, in one online platform to make the booking process much easier for our customers

Complete bookings as fast as possible, using the latest technology in a very easy and secure way, while preserving privacy

Always offer the best travelling and tourism services to our customers with the lowest prices

Always improve all the services we offer to our customers through continuous use of the latest technology

Provide our valued customers with all the information and details about all the services we offer (e.g., rooms’ types and sizes, in-flight entertainment, and entertainment facilities at hotels) to help them take the right decision, which would make their travelling experience more enjoyable.

Win customers’ trust by offering our services to them in the friendliest way

Gain common trust by following booking procedures with the customers continuously, giving the utmost care to developing the skills of our employees to offer our services in the most professional way possible

Care very much about our customers’ notes and comments to avoid mistakes and reach a top position where we can offer our services at a level that matches our customers’ expectations

Our Advantages

As we aim to be the leading online booking platform, our high-quality, competitive services are characterized by the following:

Various booking options:

You can enjoy our instant booking service on our website www.Darbtravel.com or through our mobile application, and you can also call us on 920028050, available 24/7, and our skillful agents will do their best to help you

You can also book with us by clicking on “Contact Us” button at the top of the page and filling out the booking form and sending it to us and you will receive our reply as fast as possible

Booking is also available on our accounts on different social media platforms. Just click on any of the social media icons at the bottom of the page and it will direct you to the requested page

Various payment options:

You can use your credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or Mada card or opt for the bank transfer option to pay for your booking, and we assure you that these are all safe and secure options.

All services are on one platform:

You can book your flight and accommodation in one booking procedure, and you get to know all the details about the comfort and entertainment facilities on the plane and at the hotel before booking

More than 350000 hotels and more than 550 traditional and low-cost carriers around the world are available for booking on our website www.Darbtravel.com, with some exclusive offers and discounts

Easiness of use:

Our easy-to-use platform provides booking in both Arabic and English languages. Visitors of the website can also see the prices in many different local and foreign currencies and, if they want, compare between them

The customers can choose to pay for their bookings in their local currencies by clicking on “Change Currency” button at the top of the page, giving us an advantage over the other websites that do not have that option, which charge the customer with extra fees for converting the currency. After confirmation of the payment procedure, we send the customers their booking details on their registered e-mails.

Competitive prices:

We show you the final prices, including all services and taxes, so you would not find yourself paying any extra money

We offer a wide variety of choices ranging from hotels and flights to accommodation and tourist programs in various destinations all over the world; you can check your budget, compare between prices, and get the best offers that will help you enjoy your stay with the lowest prices

Modify  bookings easily:

You can modify or cancel your booking with ease, depending on the booking’s terms and conditions, by calling us on 920028050, available 24/7, or by clicking on “Contact Us” button at the top of the page and filling out the modification/cancelation form and sending it us, and we will reply to you as fast as possible